13th birthday~

How to Order

The ordering process is very easy.

Take a look at the menu and decide on what type of baked goods you would like to have at your event. If you need more customizations (e.g. colour schemes, lettering, packaging, etc) than please feel free to call or e-mail. Below is a simple order form that you may use.

Contact (e-mail and/or phone number):
Type of Event:
Baked Goods: 
Delivery (yes/no):


Name: Barbie Pink
Contact (e-mail and/or phone number): (000)-000-0000
Type of Event: Birthday
Baked Goods: Ribbon Cake
Quantity: 2
Price: $30.00 each
Delivery (yes/no): Yes.
Total: $60.00 plus delivery fee
Comment: For one cake I would like pink ribbon and for the other baby blue. Thank you.

Phone Number: (416)-668-0398
E-mail: bakepalette@gmail.com