13th birthday~


Hi there, I'm Min Soo.

I am a home baker located in Vaughan, Ontario. I baked as a hobby for almost 15 years now and I have gathered some of the best recipes out there while creating some of my own along the way.

Bakepalette is a small business operating at my very home. I made baked goods for church gatherings, birthday parties, school meetings, book clubs, holiday parties and many more events. My family and I moved from Vancouver in the Spring of 2010 and now Toronto is the new home of Bakepalette. 

Most orders are small, a cake here... a tart there... however there is a minimum order for cupcakes (a dozen) and cookies (a batch of 24 cookies). For delivery there is an extra fee depending on your location. For a large order and/or sample tasting, please contact us.

Thank you for visiting us and I hope you give us a try!

-Min Soo Kim